LATAM Airlines presents

LATAM Airlines presents "", a unique NFT exhibition highlighting young Brazilian artists' talent and promoting innovation and access to art for all.

Featuring works by artists Gean Guilherme, Talita Persi, and Hebert Amorim, each one a unique digital artwork available for purchase at the link, this unprecedented partnership between LATAM and seeks to raise awareness of the potential of NFTs as a tool for inclusion and social good, while also offering a unique opportunity to acquire authentic and exclusive digital artworks.

The art experience is not limited to LATAM Lounge passengers at Guarulhos Airport. The works have also been presented in Rocinha and Morro Santo Amaro, in Rio de Janeiro, and even in the metaverse, further expanding awareness of the potential of NFTs as a tool for social good.

LATAM's mission goes beyond connecting people through flights; it also seeks to combine art with Brazil, promoting visibility for the vibrant community of Brazilian artists and encouraging artistic innovation through NFTs, making art accessible to everyone. "" is a unique opportunity to dive into the world of NFTs and support talented Brazilian artists while exploring the revolutionary potential of this technology for the arts.

What is NFT?

NFTs stand for "Non-Fungible Tokens." These unique digital tokens can represent ownership of digital items such as artwork, music, videos, and other cultural assets. They use blockchain technology to ensure these items' authenticity and exclusive ownership. This means that each NFT is unique and cannot be exchanged for another item of equal value.

Talita Persi


Gean Guilherme

Menor Portando - Do luxo ao lixo

Hebert Amorim

Proteção - 2023

Who are the participating artists?

Talita Persi

29 years old, São Paulo, SP (1993). Illustrator, tattoo artist, plastic artist, and crypto artist, Talita's journey is always wandering through many styles in her life. Initially self-taught, with no artistic influence in the family when she was a child, the artist started her journey in the art world at 19. Currently, Talita Persi has already built a strong identity with her illustrations, tattoos, and the famous square heads called 'unBlock Heads,' which aim to increase the voice of women in the NFT market while continuing to experiment with new styles.

Gean Guilherme

23 years old, Rio de Janeiro (2000). Gean is a digital artist studying immersive technologies and pursuing a degree in Design at PUC-Rio. He is developing the SocialCryptoart project, which uses NFT technology to direct funds and support social impact projects in the favela. He is also the founder of 2050, a laboratory of innovation and technology that seeks to study the future of the favela through new technologies, empowering young people to discover the creative universe. His research is based on the study of the future in the favela, using technological equipment such as Virtual Reality glasses, scanners, computers, and projections to develop art and social innovation projects.

Hebert Amorim

29 years old, Rio de Janeiro (1993). Hebert uses digital painting and collage techniques. A self-taught artist, born and raised in Senador Camará in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro. He started painting at the end of 2016, understanding it as the most genuine form of expression and communication with the community and the audience around him. Mixing street experience, music, and references from artists such as Salvador Dali, Heitor dos Prazer, René Magritte, Hyeronimous Boch, Hanna Höch, Candido Portinari, and Basquiat, among others. is a project that aims to raise awareness about the potential of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as a tool for social purposes. Additionally, it provides the community with a unique opportunity to acquire authentic and one-of-a-kind digital artworks. Through the use of NFT technology, directs funds towards social projects in the favela and contributes to the development of projects with social impact. It is an initiative that combines art, technology, and social responsibility, creating new possibilities for promoting good and valuing culture and the community.

How are sales of the 

exhibition made?

The artist launch involves the sale of three different works from each artist. Two of these works will be sold in unique editions, meaning there will only be a single copy of the work, making it exclusive and valuable. The third work will be sold in a limited edition of 100 numbered units, which still makes it rare and valuable, but offers more opportunities for collectors to acquire the work. The works are NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which are unique digital certificates that can be used to identify the authenticity and ownership of digital artwork. These works will be used for social impact, with funds directed to support projects in the favela. Of the sales value, 50% will be earmarked for the social project fund, which will be used to purchase food and basic items and to invest in new technologies. The other 50% will be for our community of artists and creators.

What is DAO, and how does function as DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is a self-governing and self-managing organization that operates through rules encoded in smart contracts on the blockchain. Members make decisions democratically, with voting proportional to the number of tokens each member holds. This allows for decentralized and transparent management without the need for intermediaries or traditional hierarchies. DAOs are commonly used for decentralized projects, such as crowdfunding platforms, decentralized banks, and voting platforms.

We use the Ethereum Merge blockchain platform because it less impacts the environment.

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